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My Medication Journal MTM Program, Journals and Apps are designed by a Doctor of Pharmacy to help patients, employers and health plans work as one for the benefit of all. Patients, employers and insurance providers work together to improve patient outcomes and reduce cost.

My Medication Journal has developed a patient-centered collaborative approach compliant with the MTM mandates of Medicare and the Affordable Care Act health care reform legislation.

Our products include MTM services, Personal Medication List (PML) tools, Journals and Apps all created and designed by a Doctor of Pharmacy.

Know more: about your medication list Reduce Risk: staying more aware of drug side effects and interactions by keeping a medication list Save Money: a medication list helps to prevent cost associated with adverse drug events, a fast growing problem. It’s a personal medication safety education tool.




Why You Need My Medication Journal

Can’t I just keep notes?

Patients who keep a medication journal keep more accurate and detailed medication records.

A medication list of drugs keeps difficult to remember generic and brand drug names there when you need them.

Webmd, and other symptom checker/medication research tools work best when used in conjunction with a medication list.

Great for keeping a diabetes medication list, high blood pressure medication list or a list of any medicine that a loved one is taking.


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