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Why MTM?

Research indicates that a large percentage of hospital admissions in the United States are due to poor medication adherence. This leads to increased cost for both patients and health care providers.

Medication adherence

A University of Minnesota study found that patients taking medications for cholesterol management GERD, Thyroid and BPH disease- states improved adherence following an MTM comprehensive medication review an average of 3.5 to 30 percent (Branham, A, Moose, J. and Ferreri, S., 2010).


After only 6 months of MTM, payer cost decreased $21.55 while total medication costs for patients decreased an average of nearly $18.00 (Branham, A, Moose, J. and Ferreri, S., 2010). Additionally, drug costs decreased by $682 as a result of telephone MTM programs that also lead to reduced medication health related problems (Leticia R. M., Jamie C. B., and Evelyn R. G., 2012).

My Medication Journal MTM program

Our MTM Counselors

Compliance and Your Organization

How it works

Reporting Patient Outcomes

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My Medication Journal MTM program

My Medication Journal’s Medication Therapy Management program is a comprehensive approach to optimizing the benefits of medication therapies for patients, health insurance companies, employers and pharmacies. Our specialists and state of the art MTM systems have a proven track record of success in:

  • Tracking and reporting patient outcomes
  • Identifying and preventing the potential of adverse drug events and interactions
  • Developing medication action plans that work
  • Developing greater patient understanding about their medications
  • Analyzing patient drug therapies

We have developed intake and enrollment call-centers to facilitate patient medication reviews consistent with Medicare Part D requirements established by CMS in 2009.

Our MTM Counselors

Our pharmacists have extensive knowledge about issues surrounding drug therapies and have worked for years as recognized experts. We maintain the highest standards of medication therapy management with emphasis on patient outcomes analysis.

Compliance and Your Organization

Many health insurance providers like Medicare require an annual MTM review as the health care industry as a whole places a greater focus on proving patient medication outcomes. Many organizations see coverage rates drop as a result of improved star ratings for organizations that proactively offer MTM. One-on-one counseling sessions with our pharmacist help to strengthen patient outcomes and are an integral piece of comprehensive health care.

How it works

1. Patients should call 916-577-0720 and speak to a technician to complete the personal medication list (PML) and intake form. During the call an appointment with a pharmacist for their initial comprehensive medication review will be reserved.

Patients should:

  • Gather all the medications you take or apply. This may include eye/ear drops, creams or ointments, inhalers and/or medications you only take once in awhile. Also collect any herbal medications, supplements or over-the-counter medications.
  • Write down a list of questions or concerns.

2. Our pharmacist will perform your comprehensive medication review (CMR) and generate a medication action plan (MAP).
3. If necessary 15-minute targeted follow-up calls may be needed.

Reporting Patient Outcomes

Health insurance companies determine insurance rates based on the overall trend in the health status of their covered participants. My Medication Journal has developed reporting guidelines that reveal the positive outcomes of our MTM services.

Based on CMS reporting guidelines, My Medication Journal will provide the following:

  • Record of annual comprehensive MTM reviews
  • Record of any followup MTM review
  • Record of provider interventions and resulting changes
  • Record of drug therapy problems
  • Record of customer pre and post outcomes
  • Record of customer satisfaction

Star Ratings

Employers and insurance providers can expect their star ratings to increase which translates into lower insurance premium and coverage rates. While My Medication Journal does not guarantee these outcomes they are well documented by peer-reviewed research.

Why You Need My Medication Journal

Can’t I just keep notes?

Patients who keep a medication journal keep more accurate and detailed medication records.

A medication list of drugs keeps difficult to remember generic and brand drug names there when you need them.

Webmd, and other symptom checker/medication research tools work best when used in conjunction with a medication list.

Great for keeping a diabetes medication list, high blood pressure medication list or a list of any medicine that a loved one is taking.


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