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Why You Need My Medication Journal


Patient Outcomes
My Medication Journal is a part of many hospital strategies to improve patient outcomes and reduce readmission.
It’s about the message
A discharge planner should send the message that “we care about your transition from hospital to home

Independent Living

3 Easy Steps
Many independent seniors manage their own medications. Many also take multiple medications that change often. My Medication Journal helps those living independently keep medications organized. So as doctors and medications change you stay informed.


Prevent Medication Errors
My Medication Journal is packaged and designed for long term use. ​Works well when doctors emphasize its use by reminding patients of the 3 easy steps inside.


The Good Advocate
Keeping a medication journal is the first step in being a good health advocate
Why Not Digital?
Your medication information is personal. Sometimes a journal is simply the best way to privately record your health information.

Got Your Phonebook?

Got Your Phonebook?
Could you remember five of your friends phone numbers during a E.R. visit? You’d probably use a phonebook. Well think of My Medication Journal as a phonebook that can save your life. Research indicates that most patients struggle to remember, pronounce and share drug information.

Why You Need My Medication Journal

Can’t I just keep notes?

Patients who keep a medication journal keep more accurate and detailed medication records.

A medication list of drugs keeps difficult to remember generic and brand drug names there when you need them.

Webmd, and other symptom checker/medication research tools work best when used in conjunction with a medication list.

Great for keeping a diabetes medication list, high blood pressure medication list or a list of any medicine that a loved one is taking.


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